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The Robert E. Brooker III Collection of American Legal and Land Use Documents, 1716-1930. No. 2227

The Robert E. Brooker III Collection of American Legal and Land Use Documents, 1716-1930. No. 2227
An incomplete Massachusetts tax act including a chart of representatives' pay arranged by county and town.
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Tax act
tax act
The Robert E. Brooker III Collection of American Legal and Land Use Documents, 1716-1930
Williamsburgh, Massachusetts
Hatfield, Massachusetts
Whatley, Massachusetts
Deerfield, Massachusetts
Conway, Massachusetts
Goshen, Massachusetts
Ashfield, Massachusetts
Cummington, Massachusetts
Plainfield, Massachusetts
Hawley, Massachusetts
Buckland, Massachusetts
Shelburne, Massachusetts
Greenfield, Massachusetts
Gill Massachusetts
Bernardston, Massachusetts
Leyden, Massachusetts
Colrain, Massachusetts
Charlemont, Massachusetts
Rowe, Massachusetts
Heath, Massachusetts
Springfield, Massachusetts
Longmeadow, Massachusetts
Wilbraham, Massachusetts
Monson, Massachusetts
Brimfield, Massachusetts
South Brimfield, Massachusetts
Holland, Massachusetts
Palmer, Massachusetts
Ware, Massachusetts
Greenwich, Massachusetts
Ludlow, Massachusetts
Belchertown, Massachusetts
Pelham, Massachusetts
Amherst, Massachusetts
Granby, Massachusetts
Hadley, Massachusetts
South Hadley, Massachusetts
Sunderland, Massachusetts
Montague, Massachusetts
Leverett, Massachusetts
Shutesbury, Massachusetts
Wendell, Massachusetts
New Salem, Massachusetts
Northfield, Massachusetts
Warwick, Massachusetts
Orange, Massachusetts
Plymouth, Massachusetts
Scituate, Massachusetts
Duxbury, Massachusetts
Marshfield, Massachusetts
Bridgwater, Massachusetts
Middleboro, Massachusetts
Rochester, Massachusetts
Plimpton, Massachusetts
Pembroke, Massachusetts
Abington, Massachusetts
Kingston, Massachusetts
Hanover, Massachusetts
Halifax, Massachusetts
Chatham, Massachusetts
Provincetown, Massachusetts
Wellfleet, Massachusetts
Dennis, Massachusetts
Orleans, Massachusetts
Brewster, Massachusetts
Taunton, Massachusetts
Rehoboth, Massachusetts
Dartmouth, Massachusetts
Swanzey, Massachusetts
Freetown, Massachusetts
Attleborough, Massachusetts
Norton, Massachusetts
Dighton, Massachusetts
Eastown, Massachusetts
Raynham, Massachusetts
Berkley, Massachusetts
Mansfield, Massachusetts
New Bedford, Massachusetts
Westport, Massachusetts
Somerset, Massachusetts
Nantucket, Massachusetts
Worcester, Massachusetts
Lancaster, Massachusetts
Mendon, Massachusetts
Brookfield, Massachusetts
Oxford, Massachusetts
Leicester, Massachusetts
Rutland, Massachusetts
Sutton, Massachusetts
Westborough, Massachusetts
Uxbridge, Massachusetts
Southborough, Massachusetts
Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
Lunenburgh, Massachusetts
Dudley, Massachusetts
Harvard, Massachusetts
Grafton, Massachusetts
Upton, Massachusetts
Hardwick, Massachusetts
Bolton, Massachusetts
Berlin, Massachusetts
Sturbridge, Massachusetts
Holden, Massachusetts
Leominster, Massachusetts
Western, Massachusetts
Douglas, Massachusetts
New Braintree, Massachusetts
Spencer, Massachusetts
Petersham, Massachusetts
Charlton, Massachusetts
Templeton, Massachusetts
Wareham, Massachusetts
Carver, Massachusetts
Hingham, Massachusetts
Hull, Massachusetts
Edgartown, Massachusetts
Tisbury, Massachusetts
Chilmark, Massachusetts
Barnstable, Massachusetts
Sandwich, Massachusetts
Falmouth, Massachusetts
Yarmouth, Massachusetts
Dennis, Massachusetts
Harwich, Massachusetts
Brewster, Massachusetts
Orleans, Massachusetts
Eastham, Massachusetts
Truro, Massachusetts
Milford, Massachusetts
Northbridge, Massachusetts
Sutton, Massachusetts
Ward, Massachusetts
Upton, Massachusetts
Westborough, Massachusetts
Southborough, Massachusetts
Northborough, Massachusetts
Boylston, Massachusetts
Paxton, Massachusetts
Lancaster, Massachusetts
Sterling, Massachusetts
Princeton, Massachusetts
Oakham, Massachusetts
Barre, Massachusetts
Hubbardston, Massachusetts
Westminster, Massachusetts
Leominster, Massachusetts
Fitchburgh, Massachusetts
Ashburnham, Massachusetts
Winchendon, Massachusetts
Gardner, Massachusetts
Royalston, Massachusetts
Petersham, Massachusetts
Athol, Massachusetts
Gerry, Massachusetts
Dana, Massachusetts
West Boylston, Massachusetts
Lenox, Massachusetts
Sheffield, Massachusetts
Mount Washington, Massachusetts
Stockbridge, Massachusetts
New Marlborough, Massachusetts
Egremont, Massachusetts
Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Great Barrington, Massachusetts
Sandisfield, Massachusetts
Southfield, Massachusetts
Tyringham, Massachusetts
Lanesborough, Massachusetts
New Ashford, Massachusetts
Williamstown, Massachusetts
Becket, Massachusetts
Windsor, Massachusetts
Peru, Massachusetts
Hinsdale, Massachusetts
Alford, Massachusetts
Loudon, Massachusetts
West Stockbridge, Massachusetts
Richmond, Massachusetts
Hancock, Massachusetts
Washington, Massachusetts
Lee, Massachusetts
Adams, Massachusetts
Dalton, Massachusetts
Bethlehem, Massachusetts
Cheshire, Massachusetts
Savoy, Massachusetts
Clarksburgh, Massachusetts
Florida, Massachusetts
Dedham, Massachusetts
Roxbury, Massachusetts
Dorchester, Massachusetts
Weymouth, Massachusetts
Braintree, Massachusetts
Medfield, Massachusetts
Dover, Massachusetts
Milton, Massachusetts
Wrentham, Massachusetts
Brookline, Massachusetts
Needham, Massachusetts
Medway, Massachusetts
Bellingham, Massachusetts
Walpole, Massachusetts
Stoughton, Massachusetts
Sharon, Massachusetts
Cohasset, Massachusetts
Franklin, Massachusetts
Foxborough, Massachusetts
Quincy, Massachusetts
Randolph, Massachusetts
Canton, Massachusetts
York, Maine
Kittery, Maine
Wells, Maine
Arundel, Maine
Biddeford, Maine
Berwick, Maine
Lebanon, Maine
Sandford, Maine
Alfred, Maine
Lyman, Maine
Phillipsburgh, Maine
Waterborough, Maine
Shapleigh, Maine
Newfield, Maine
Limerick, Maine
Limington, Maine
Cornish, Maine
Parsonsfield, Maine
Saco, Maine
Buxton, Maine
Portland, Maine
Falmouth, Maine
Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Scarborough, Maine
Gorgam, Maine
Standish, Maine
Windham, Maine
Gray, Maine
New Gloucester, Maine
North Yarmouth, Maine
Freeport, Maine
Brunswick, Maine
Harpswell, Maine
Durham, Maine
Pejypscot, Maine
Poland, Maine
Minot, Maine
Raymond, Maine
Baldwin, Maine
Bridgetown, Maine
Harrison, Maine
Otisfield, Maine
Thompson's Pond, Maine
Shaker's Settlement, Maine
Wiscasset, Maine
Woodwich, Maine
Dresden, Maine
New Milford, Maine
Ballstown, Maine
Jefferson, Maine
New Castle, Maine
Edgecomb, Maine
Boothbay, Maine
Bristol, Maine
Nobleborough, Maine
Waldoborough, Maine
Friendship, Maine
Cushing, Maine
St. George, Maine
Thomaston, Maine
Warren, Maine
Cambden, Maine
Union, Maine
Palermo, Maine
Montville, Maine
Georgetown, Maine
Bath, Maine
Topsham, Maine
Bowdoin, Maine
Bowdoinsham, Maine
Lewistown, Maine
Litchfield, Maine
Lisbon, Maine
Wales, Maine
Little River, Maine
Hope, Maine
Augusta, Maine
Hallowell, Maine
Gardiner, Maine
Monmouth, Maine
Greene, Maine
Leeds, Maine
Winthrop, Maine
Readfield, Maine
Wayne, Maine
Fayette, Maine
Mount Vernon, Maine
Belgrade, Maine
Sydney, Maine
Waterville, Maine
Fairfield, Maine
Westpond, Maine
Rome, Maine
Vienna, Maine
New Sharon, Maine
Chesterville, Maine
Pittston, Maine
Vassalborough, Maine
Harlem, Maine
Winslow, Maine
Farifaz, Maine
Clinton, Maine
Canaan, Maine
Norridgewock, Maine
Madison, Maine
Cornville, Maine
Athens, Maine
Harmony, Maine
Unity, Maine
Farmington, Maine
Industry, Maine
Mercer, Maine
Starks, Maine
Anson, Maine
New Vineyard, Maine
Wilton, Maine
Strong, Maine
Embden, Maine
Seven Mile Brook, Maine
Avon, Maine
Temple, Maine
Palmyra, Maine
Castine, Maine
Penobscot, Maine
Orland, Maine
Buckstown, Maine
Orrington, Maine
Sedgwick, Maine
Blue Hill, Maine
Surry, Maine
Ellsworth, Maine
Trenton, Maine
Sullivan, Maine
Gouldsborough, Maine
Mount Desert, Maine
Eden, Maine
Deer Isle, Maine
Isleborough, Maine
Vinalhaven, Maine
Belfast, Maine
Northport, Maine
Linconville, Maine
Prospect, Maine
Frankfort, Maine
Hampden, Maine
Bangor, Maine
Colburntown, Maine
Eddington, Maine
Orono, Maine
Dixmont, Maine
Paris, Maine
Hebron, Maine
Buckfield, Maine
Turner, Maine
Livermore, Maine
Hartford, Maine
Sumner, Maine
Norway, Maine
Fryeburgh, Maine
Brownfield, Maine
Hiram, Maine
Porter, Maine
Lovell, Maine
Waterford, Maine
Albany, Maine
Bethel, Maine
East Andover, Maine
Rumford, Maine
Dixfield, Maine
Holmanston, Maine
Jay, Maine
Gilead, Maine
Newry, Maine
Denmark, Maine
Machias, Maine
Addison, Maine
Harrington, Maine
Steuben, Maine
Columbia, Maine
Eastport, Maine
Cherryfield, Maine
Primary location: Massachusetts .
Other locations: Williamsburgh, Massachusetts; Hatfield, Massachusetts; Whatley, Massachusetts; Deerfield, Massachusetts; Conway, Massachusetts; Goshen, Massachusetts; Ashfield, Massachusetts; Cummington, Massachusetts; Plainfield, Massachusetts; Hawley, Massachusetts; Buckland, Massachusetts; Shelburne, Massachusetts; Greenfield, Massachusetts; Gill Massachusetts; Bernardston, Massachusetts; Leyden, Massachusetts; Colrain, Massachusetts; Charlemont, Massachusetts; Rowe, Massachusetts; Heath, Massachusetts; Springfield, Massachusetts; Longmeadow, Massachusetts; Wilbraham, Massachusetts; Monson, Massachusetts; Brimfield, Massachusetts; South Brimfield, Massachusetts; Holland, Massachusetts; Palmer, Massachusetts; Ware, Massachusetts; Greenwich, Massachusetts; Ludlow, Massachusetts; Belchertown, Massachusetts; Pelham, Massachusetts; Amherst, Massachusetts; Granby, Massachusetts; Hadley, Massachusetts; South Hadley, Massachusetts; Sunderland, Massachusetts; Montague, Massachusetts; Leverett, Massachusetts; Shutesbury, Massachusetts; Wendell, Massachusetts; New Salem, Massachusetts; Northfield, Massachusetts; Warwick, Massachusetts; Orange, Massachusetts; Plymouth, Massachusetts; Scituate, Massachusetts; Duxbury, Massachusetts; Marshfield, Massachusetts; Bridgwater, Massachusetts; Middleboro, Massachusetts; Rochester, Massachusetts; Plimpton, Massachusetts; Pembroke, Massachusetts; Abington, Massachusetts; Kingston, Massachusetts; Hanover, Massachusetts; Halifax, Massachusetts; Chatham, Massachusetts; Provincetown, Massachusetts; Wellfleet, Massachusetts; Dennis, Massachusetts; Orleans, Massachusetts; Brewster, Massachusetts; Taunton, Massachusetts; Rehoboth, Massachusetts; Dartmouth, Massachusetts; Swanzey, Massachusetts; Freetown, Massachusetts; Attleborough, Massachusetts; Norton, Massachusetts; Dighton, Massachusetts; Eastown, Massachusetts; Raynham, Massachusetts; Berkley, Massachusetts; Mansfield, Massachusetts; New Bedford, Massachusetts; Westport, Massachusetts; Somerset, Massachusetts; Nantucket, Massachusetts; Worcester, Massachusetts; Lancaster, Massachusetts; Mendon, Massachusetts; Brookfield, Massachusetts; Oxford, Massachusetts; Leicester, Massachusetts; Rutland, Massachusetts; Sutton, Massachusetts; Westborough, Massachusetts; Uxbridge, Massachusetts; Southborough, Massachusetts; Shrewsbury, Massachusetts; Lunenburgh, Massachusetts; Dudley, Massachusetts; Harvard, Massachusetts; Grafton, Massachusetts; Upton, Massachusetts; Hardwick, Massachusetts; Bolton, Massachusetts; Berlin, Massachusetts; Sturbridge, Massachusetts; Holden, Massachusetts; Leominster, Massachusetts; Western, Massachusetts; Douglas, Massachusetts; New Braintree, Massachusetts; Spencer, Massachusetts; Petersham, Massachusetts; Charlton, Massachusetts; Templeton, Massachusetts; Wareham, Massachusetts; Carver, Massachusetts; Hingham, Massachusetts; Hull, Massachusetts; Edgartown, Massachusetts; Tisbury, Massachusetts; Chilmark, Massachusetts; Barnstable, Massachusetts; Sandwich, Massachusetts; Falmouth, Massachusetts; Yarmouth, Massachusetts; Dennis, Massachusetts; Harwich, Massachusetts; Brewster, Massachusetts; Orleans, Massachusetts; Eastham, Massachusetts; Truro, Massachusetts; Milford, Massachusetts; Northbridge, Massachusetts; Sutton, Massachusetts; Ward, Massachusetts; Upton, Massachusetts; Westborough, Massachusetts; Southborough, Massachusetts; Northborough, Massachusetts; Boylston, Massachusetts; Paxton, Massachusetts; Lancaster, Massachusetts; Sterling, Massachusetts; Princeton, Massachusetts; Oakham, Massachusetts; Barre, Massachusetts; Hubbardston, Massachusetts; Westminster, Massachusetts; Leominster, Massachusetts; Fitchburgh, Massachusetts; Ashburnham, Massachusetts; Winchendon, Massachusetts; Gardner, Massachusetts; Royalston, Massachusetts; Petersham, Massachusetts; Athol, Massachusetts; Gerry, Massachusetts; Dana, Massachusetts; West Boylston, Massachusetts; Lenox, Massachusetts; Sheffield, Massachusetts; Mount Washington, Massachusetts; Stockbridge, Massachusetts; New Marlborough, Massachusetts; Egremont, Massachusetts; Pittsfield, Massachusetts; Great Barrington, Massachusetts; Sandisfield, Massachusetts; Southfield, Massachusetts; Tyringham, Massachusetts; Lanesborough, Massachusetts; New Ashford, Massachusetts; Williamstown, Massachusetts; Becket, Massachusetts; Windsor, Massachusetts; Peru, Massachusetts; Hinsdale, Massachusetts; Alford, Massachusetts; Loudon, Massachusetts; West Stockbridge, Massachusetts; Richmond, Massachusetts; Hancock, Massachusetts; Washington, Massachusetts; Lee, Massachusetts; Adams, Massachusetts; Dalton, Massachusetts; Bethlehem, Massachusetts; Cheshire, Massachusetts; Savoy, Massachusetts; Clarksburgh, Massachusetts; Florida, Massachusetts; Dedham, Massachusetts; Roxbury, Massachusetts; Dorchester, Massachusetts; Weymouth, Massachusetts; Braintree, Massachusetts; Medfield, Massachusetts; Dover, Massachusetts; Milton, Massachusetts; Wrentham, Massachusetts; Brookline, Massachusetts; Needham, Massachusetts; Medway, Massachusetts; Bellingham, Massachusetts; Walpole, Massachusetts; Stoughton, Massachusetts; Sharon, Massachusetts; Cohasset, Massachusetts; Franklin, Massachusetts; Foxborough, Massachusetts; Quincy, Massachusetts; Randolph, Massachusetts; Canton, Massachusetts; York, Maine; Kittery, Maine; Wells, Maine; Arundel, Maine; Biddeford, Maine; Berwick, Maine; Lebanon, Maine; Sandford, Maine; Alfred, Maine; Lyman, Maine; Phillipsburgh, Maine; Waterborough, Maine; Shapleigh, Maine; Newfield, Maine; Limerick, Maine; Limington, Maine; Cornish, Maine; Parsonsfield, Maine; Saco, Maine; Buxton, Maine; Portland, Maine; Falmouth, Maine; Cape Elizabeth, Maine; Scarborough, Maine; Gorgam, Maine; Standish, Maine; Windham, Maine; Gray, Maine; New Gloucester, Maine; North Yarmouth, Maine; Freeport, Maine; Brunswick, Maine; Harpswell, Maine; Durham, Maine; Pejypscot, Maine; Poland, Maine; Minot, Maine; Raymond, Maine; Baldwin, Maine; Bridgetown, Maine; Harrison, Maine; Otisfield, Maine; Thompson's Pond, Maine; Shaker's Settlement, Maine; Wiscasset, Maine; Woodwich, Maine; Dresden, Maine; New Milford, Maine; Ballstown, Maine; Jefferson, Maine; New Castle, Maine; Edgecomb, Maine; Boothbay, Maine; Bristol, Maine; Nobleborough, Maine; Waldoborough, Maine; Friendship, Maine; Cushing, Maine; St. George, Maine; Thomaston, Maine; Warren, Maine; Cambden, Maine; Union, Maine; Palermo, Maine; Montville, Maine; Georgetown, Maine; Bath, Maine; Topsham, Maine; Bowdoin, Maine; Bowdoinsham, Maine; Lewistown, Maine; Litchfield, Maine; Lisbon, Maine; Wales, Maine; Little River, Maine; Hope, Maine; Augusta, Maine; Hallowell, Maine; Gardiner, Maine; Monmouth, Maine; Greene, Maine; Leeds, Maine; Winthrop, Maine; Readfield, Maine; Wayne, Maine; Fayette, Maine; Mount Vernon, Maine; Belgrade, Maine; Sydney, Maine; Waterville, Maine; Fairfield, Maine; Westpond, Maine; Rome, Maine; Vienna, Maine; New Sharon, Maine; Chesterville, Maine; Pittston, Maine; Vassalborough, Maine; Harlem, Maine; Winslow, Maine; Farifaz, Maine; Clinton, Maine; Canaan, Maine; Norridgewock, Maine; Madison, Maine; Cornville, Maine; Athens, Maine; Harmony, Maine; Unity, Maine; Farmington, Maine; Industry, Maine; Mercer, Maine; Starks, Maine; Anson, Maine; New Vineyard, Maine; Wilton, Maine; Strong, Maine; Embden, Maine; Seven Mile Brook, Maine; Avon, Maine; Temple, Maine; Palmyra, Maine; Castine, Maine; Penobscot, Maine; Orland, Maine; Buckstown, Maine; Orrington, Maine; Sedgwick, Maine; Blue Hill, Maine; Surry, Maine; Ellsworth, Maine; Trenton, Maine; Sullivan, Maine; Gouldsborough, Maine; Mount Desert, Maine; Eden, Maine; Deer Isle, Maine; Isleborough, Maine; Vinalhaven, Maine; Belfast, Maine; Northport, Maine; Linconville, Maine; Prospect, Maine; Frankfort, Maine; Hampden, Maine; Bangor, Maine; Colburntown, Maine; Eddington, Maine; Orono, Maine; Dixmont, Maine; Paris, Maine; Hebron, Maine; Buckfield, Maine; Turner, Maine; Livermore, Maine; Hartford, Maine; Sumner, Maine; Norway, Maine; Fryeburgh, Maine; Brownfield, Maine; Hiram, Maine; Porter, Maine; Lovell, Maine; Waterford, Maine; Albany, Maine; Bethel, Maine; East Andover, Maine; Rumford, Maine; Dixfield, Maine; Holmanston, Maine; Jay, Maine; Gilead, Maine; Newry, Maine; Denmark, Maine; Machias, Maine; Addison, Maine; Harrington, Maine; Steuben, Maine; Columbia, Maine; Eastport, Maine; Cherryfield, Maine.
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Brooker Collection, Daniel R. Coquillette Rare Book Room, Boston College Law Library.
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